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M&A Consulting

Consultoría en M&A

The sale and purchase of a company is a long and complex process that involves a strategic decision that is essential to our clients' objectives. We provide M&A consulting on both the sell side and the buy side, both for the identification and the process, with the objective of maximizing the value of each transaction for our clients.

In buy-side operations, we focus on our client's objective, which is their activity and to contribute to generate value in companies, in order to grow and strengthen in an increasingly competitive and demanding economic environment. In sell-side operations, we work aligned with the objectives of the property, both for the future plan of the company and for the optimization of the sale.

Our experience and professionalism are backed by 22 years of experience in the market and over 250 successful operations, in which our clients are our greatest asset and their success, our best reference.

Our vast knowledge of the local business network has led us throughout our trajectory to become one of the leading M&A boutiques in Catalonia and Spain.

Corporate Finances

Finanzas Corporativas

Financial Restructuring

All too often, negative symptoms or stagnation in the growth or operation of a company stem from a financial structure that does not respond to the life cycle in which the company finds itself and the failure to adapt to changes in the business or the environment, which year after year represents a degradation and a decline in the company's liquidity and profitability ratios. These situations require a review and the implementation of a rapid action plan with respect to the company's operation, cash flows and the structure of assets and liabilities, in order to recover the desired path.


We have excellent relationships with financial institutions and liquidity providers, and a proven ability to leverage our strong national and international banking ties to meet our customers' financing needs. Having the right capital structure is critical to maximizing shareholder value and enhancing returns for investors. Whether the company needs secure long-term lines of credit to support business growth, or to finance an acquisition, we work to provide the best financing.

Capital Raising

We help our clients raise the necessary capital to meet their needs. We evaluate in each case the appropriate profile, taking into account the activity and sector of each company, and we try to find the right capital to maximize the future result, since not all capital has the same value. We guide our clients in defining the necessary amounts of each round so that they are adequate to their plans and objectives, and in defining the structure of the operation and the preparation and execution of the transaction.

Financial Services

Servicios Financieros

Due Diligence

We perform due-diligence as independent advisors in the process of buying and selling companies, in order to review the accuracy of the figures and their sustainability; in addition, we evaluate eventual contingencies of any nature based on the information and financial status of the companies.

Business Plans

We offer the preparation and review of business plans of companies, both in operation and newly created. We do not limit ourselves to just collecting figures, but dedicate time and resources to know your reality and the idea behind your business and activities, which allows us to understand the specific characteristics of the project within the industry or sector in which it is located. We jointly define the business scenarios, which enables us to establish a financial model that allows companies to size the necessary financial structuring, both debt and equity, and the expected profitability of the business.

The business plans developed by our team are a reliable image of the business concept, the project or the company.

Company Valuation

Business valuation is far from an exact science. Often different interpretations or estimates are made depending on disparate future scenarios, which can lead to wide valuation ranges. At INEO we have a deep knowledge base and long experience of how valuations should be performed, what financial and operational parameters affect the value of the company, the specific factors that affect it, the KPIs to take into account depending on the sector, and the approaches that the market will accept in a given valuation.

Public Law

Derecho Público

Public law

Our legal department is specialized in public law and, specifically, urban planning law, environmental law, administrative contracting and concession law, as well as in the development of urban planning and real estate projects. The department is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the private sector and in the exercise of responsibilities in local, Catalan and Spanish administrations, in many cases exercising executive or legislative functions. We have vast experience in providing legal support to companies, individuals and public entities, and in advising on the process of judicial procedures in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction relating to any of the areas of our specialty.


We offer integral advising in development of real estate projects, processing of general and derivative planning, urban management - constitution and advice of compensation boards, reparcellation and forced expropriation projects -, advice on the processing of urban planning licenses, urban discipline procedures and concessions and authorizations in the maritime-terrestrial public domain.

Environmental Law

We advise industries on regulatory compliance in administrative sanctioning and environmental liability procedures, environmental authorizations and licenses, procedures in relation to waste management, controlled deposits and contaminated soils, and environmental impact statements and evaluation of plans and programs.

Administrative contracting

We prepare contracting documents and provide advice on public tenders.



Entrepreneurship is the main path to both economic and social growth, enabling the creation of new industries, companies and jobs. Entrepreneurship is a relevant line for the consolidation of the economy, contributing to the creation of activity and new employment, especially at a time of technological transformation of processes, systems, products and services, as a result of the constant implementation of new technologies and business models in the market.

We provide services to start-ups in the design or definition of their business plan, search for financing —design and execution of financing rounds in seed capital, Venture Capital and public financing instruments—, as well as financial controlling and operational management in the development stages.

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