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25 years of experience in corporate transactions

We are a strategic consultancy in M&A operations that was founded in 1999 and offers financial, corporate and public law in the areas of urban planning, environment and administrative contracting, with experience in multinational groups as well as in family businesses and SMEs.

We are known for our proximity to the middle market, being our main goal to identify the ideal buyer or seller for our client and to accompany them throughout the process. We are intensely dedicated to our projects and respond to the responsibilities we assume in order to maximize the value of each transaction for our clients.








Our priority is
always our client

INEO Corporate provides its services with total independence with regard to other institutions and economic and financial companies, avoiding possible conflicts of interest with other entities and professionals from other fields. The priority is always our client and the defense of his interests. Thus, the advice is aimed at providing an effective response to their needs, with total independence with respect to other possible links.


We are the international link between companies

INEO Corporate is based in Barcelona and Madrid, and is permanently active in Colombia and Chile, where we develop operations and generate links between Spanish and foreign companies with interests in Latin America.

Alcance Global Alcance Global

We are a member of the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors, AICA, a worldwide network of expert mergers and acquisitions consultants, formed by more than 250 professionals and with presence in 39 countries, which allows us to be a permanent liaison in international transactions.

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