Jordi Just Miró | Partner (Barcelona)

Began his professional career as a businessman in the agri-food sector. During his civic and professional career, he has been a public manager such as Mayor of Vinebre, founder of the Mixed Commission of Entities of the Ribera de Ebro, National President of the Sectorial Commission of European and International Affairs of the CiU Federation, Senator of the JCI (Jove Cambra Internacional), President of FARE (second grade agricultural cooperative) in which he promoted the creation of the first intra-cooperative mercantile company of two States. He is currently a Partner of INEO CORPORATE, President of the companies ViquisaGrup SL and LPE SL; As a result of his relationship with the Reus Chamber of Commerce, he performs the powers inherent to being a member of the Board of Directors of the Port of Tarragona, a member of the Board of Directors of Aeroports de Catalunya, of the Executive Committee of Fira de Reus, of the Board of Trustees of the Llotja of Reus as well as the Territory Planning Commission of the Consell General de Cambres de Catalunya.