Ignasi Camí Casellas | Barcelona

Economist and AD by IESE. He was General Secretary of the Circulo de Economía and DG of GDS Consultores de Pensiones. In 1988, he joined Banco Sabadell to develop the new Insurance and Pensions business by creating and leading the insurance and pension subsidiaries and its integration in the bank commercial offer. He was responsible for the restructuring of the Bancassurance agreements derived from the consolidation process (2011-2013), led by Banco Sabadell; subsequently he managed several M&A and reinsurance operations ViF of insurance companies. He also has relevant experience in the Latin American market. He is an Insurance and Bancassurance consultant specializing in (i) definition of strategy and business development (ii) collaboration agreements and Joint Venture and (iii) corporate operations. He has been CEO and Board Member of various insurance, investment and banking companies; also Unespa, INVERCO and other non profit organizations. He is a Member of the Council and Advisor of Mediterráno Vida.