Jordi Serra Rovira | Partner (Barcelona)

Graduate in Law from UB, non-practicing lawyer and PADE by IESE. He began his career in the Health Department of the Govern of Catalonia reached the position of the General director of Health Resources, as well as he was Director of Citizens Security and general secretary of Youth. By the 1998 he began as partner of lawyer’s office Ebame Associats, leading the urbanism and building areas. From 2005 he developed as executive manager for the Clar Building Company in Madrid. After, he joined in the energy company Dalkia, through Agedred first and then as associate of the manager team of Veolia in Catalonia, international French company. From 2017 his professional activity is focusing in independent advisor relative of the sustainability and circular economy.
He has been a president of public companies, like Agènci a d’Avaluació de Tecnologies Mèdiques and TUJUCA and spokesman of several board of director, including the following Debis IT Systems, Ecoenergies, FFGC o Vila Universitària, as well as spokesman in the Catalonia biomass table. He was advisor of the Pan American Health Organization and Parliament Latin-American in Sao Paolo (Brazil). Currently, participates in the network of Latin-American manage of solid waste.