Valors - Ineo Corporate

Philippe Clark Castan | Senior executive

His professional career begins working as an analyst and risk responsible in the Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) International Division and later in the Spanish affiliate. Afterwards he was the investments director of the same bank in Spain, developing M&A operations and helping French companies entry into the Spanish market. He held the Regional Representative position in Crédit du Nord. Eleven years ago he started his career as a consultant firstly in the Grupo de Estrategia y Gestión and currently in RJCE.

Enrique Llorens Rius | Senior executive

He built up his professional career in executive positions in the distinct companies, Domar, Braun Española, Grupo Accor, La Dorada Restaurants, Société de Centres Commerciaux and C.C. among others, which pertain to the diverse sectors of electrical appliances, hotel and catering, and shopping centres and retailers. He was a founding partner of BK&L, a boutique specialising in Mergers and Acquisitions. In 2008 this boutique was incorporated into the Roca Junyent Business Consulting firm where he is currently partner. He has a wide range of experience both in the fields of multinational companies and of family businesses having directed or participated in different acquisitions, sales and shareholder restructurings both at national and international level.

Josep Molins Codina | Senior executive

He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry where he has developed practically all his professional career. He has successively been managing director of several financial services companies such as Caixa Leasing & Factoring and Banco Europa. Later, he was named managing director of the Institut Català de Finances of the Generalitat de Catalunya and he is counsel to several other companies.

Jordi Riera Julià | Senior executive

Bank sector specialist. He started his professional career in Banco Urquijo Ltd. Afterwards, he held various positions in several national and foreign bank institutions until becoming Midland Bank plc, currently HSBC Bank plc (first European bank group and third one in the worldwide classification). executive director to establish the bank in Barcelona (1989-2006).

Pere Sagarra Trias | Senior Executive

Eduard Usart Almer | Senior Executive

His professional experience and his career has always been linked to the world of consulting, working in different consulting since 1980. Extensive experience in the field of corporate restructuring, cost reduction, reorganization of operating areas and managment meantime. Its scope of work has been the small and medium enterprises. Currently in Ineo Corporate