INEO Corporate is a consultancy firm that provides strategic guidance, with experience in everything from multinational groups to family-run companies, SMEs, start-ups, financial entities and investment firms.

INEO Corporate was created through the merger of two specialized consultancy firms: RJCE Consultoría de Empresas and Emecero Corporate Consulting. These firms joined together to create one larger in size that could compete in the Business Strategy arena in both national and international markets, covering the specialties needed in a global, competitive, ever-changing economy.

INEO Corporate’s experience and professionalism is backed up by more than 20 years of history in the market and is the result of the progressive integration of various firms and professionals, now part of the Roca Junyent Group. Roca Junyent Group.

INEO Corporate was born local, identified by its presence in Barcelona and Madrid, but with global vision: on one hand, INEO Corporate has particularly focused on Latin America (with offices in Santiago de Chile and Bogota, Colombia), allowing the firm to establish a line of work in the Pacific Corridor and North America, and, on the other, Europe, continuing to work in the EU by establishing various agreements with like-minded consultancies in the top European markets.

The purpose of INEO Corporate is to advise clients, offering innovative, efficient solutions through know-how and proven experience. The mission of its activity is to generate value for the companies to grow and gain strength in an increasingly competitive and demanding economic climate.